Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The huochong gun was invented in China during the Ming dynasty. It was also called the tongjiangjun, which meant bronze general. This was an important invention of the time period because the Ming Dynasty was creating weapons to defend their dynasty, and they came across the gun. The huochong gun was constructed with bamboo, but later in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries it the bamboo was replaced with bronze. It was a 105mm gun; it is 35.3 centimeters long and weighs 6.94 kilograms.
The honchoing gun was created by Wan Hoo and first used as a weapon. According to a legend, Wan Hoo was a Chinese official who tried to become the worlds’ first astronaut. The huochong gun was first used as a gun. Before firing the huochong gun it was placed on a wooden prop stand and packed with projectile inserted in it. When the gun was lit, the force from the gunpowder would shoot out the projectile.
The huochong gun has really affected people’s lives in many ways. For example, it created a new weapon to use to defend the Ming Dynasty! The huochong gun provided protection for people and their Dynasty. As well as the huochong guns lead to the inventions of improved guns. The huochong gun gave the Ming dynasty an achievement and something to improve on.